6 Questions to Robin Hood!

We asked Chapterhouse Theatre Company's actor Liam Scarth, who will be playing Robin Hood, 6 questions ahead of our open air theatre this week!

What’s the best part about playing robin hood?
That I get to inhabit some of the most heroic and positive qualities of human being. I love feeling the purity of character that is required for him. Also, I get to have some epic sword fights.

How do you get into character?
I use stance, breath and voice mainly with Robin. I make his stance quite wide and broad, yet grounded and agile. An archers breath had to be smooth and stable so I slow my breath in preparation, this then has an effect of calming the mind so Robin thinks clearly. Finally, I give him a deep, resonating voice which begins around the heart area, as I feel he speaks from the heart. All of these things help separate me from Robin. 

How long have you been acting?
It may sound cliche, but I have been acting since I can remember and I am 25 years old now. My professional development really kicked off at drama school 4 years ago. I have been out of drama school coming up to a year now. I consider this my first big gig.

How many miles do you travel in a season?
Oh my. I really couldn't tell you. I also kind of don't want to know hahaha but probably too many miles for my body and mind to comprehend. It must be close to 10,000 miles though, maybe more.

Do you believe in robin hood? What do you think robin hood represents?
Oh I believe in Robin Hood alright. He must have been a man that existed. But I believe in him even more as an archetypal hero figure in all legends across the globe. If you watch, any film or read a book where there is a hero fighting the forces of evil and oppressive tyrants, you can see Robin Hood underneath the given character.  They stand for justice, for equal rights, for the oppressed masses. However, I also see this in our day to day lives. Those people who stand up against the tyranny of destructive politicians or greedy corporations. I'm sure some jump to your own mind. Robin Hood is a reminder that we can all fight for these things. We can all be Robin Hood if we choose to be. As is written in our play, when the Green Woman speaks of Robin Hood she proclaims that Robin Hood 'will be known by many names'. Maybe that name is our own. 

Who would enjoy watching your version and what is the spin you have put on it?
It lends itself very well as a family show. It has light and dark parts for both kids and parents alike. Anyone who loved Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit should definitely come have a watch. We have steered away from the men in tights, thigh slapping Robin Hood style and gone more for a more realistic, down-to-earth style but still kept the sharp wit. 


The Adventures of Robin Hood outdoor theatre is on this Thursday at 7pm, tickets are still available!

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