Plant Blindness Workshops

Saturday 15 Feb - Sun 16 Feb
Price: Free

Plant Blindness Workshops
Nottingham Festival Of Science & Curiosity

Do plants sing?

Plant Blindness by Jason Singh is a unique and immersive sound installation in our unique Camellia House which uses naturally occurring ‘biodata’ from plants to create a musical score.

As part of this free exhibition and in collaboration with the Nottingham Festival Of Science and Curiosity, we are hosting a series of drop-in workshops to delve deeper into the world of plants and discover more about them through movement and sound.

Meet with Matt Miller - Saturday 15th February 1 - 3.30 pm

Come take some time out to listen to the plants, hear what they are saying and think about what you might like to say back. Join poet Matt Miller in the Camellia House for this playful and imaginative writing session.

Drawing Sound with Gina Mollett - Sunday 16th February 1 - 3.30 pm

The workshop will explore experimental and creative ways to 'capture' sound through line, colour, shape and texture. What does sound look like? How does it feel? Join Gina Mollett in the Camellia House for this fun and imaginative way to understand plants.

Conducting Nature with Callum Mulligan - Sunday 16th February 1 - 3.30 pm

Explore plants, circuits and music. Try out plants that play music when you touch them and make your own. Join us in the Great Hall for this fun family friendly drop in.